Slingo Showdown

Poker Meets Bingo With Big Cash Prizes 

Select Your Stake And Press Start Game To Begin 

You Have 10 Deals To Make Poker Hands And Complete The Grid 

Any Poker Hand From The Paytable Dealt Awards A Cash Prize 

Cards On The Reel Mark Off Matching Cards In The Grid 

Completing Slingos Increases The Value Of All Prizes 

Jokers Mark Any Card In The Row Above 

Super Jokers Mark Any Card In The Grid And Are Wild For Poker Hands 

Devils Are Blocking Cards 

Free Deal Cards Award An Additional Deal And Are Wild For Poker Hands 

After 10 Deals You Can Buy Additional Deals To Continue Your Game. The Price Is Shown On The Deal Button 

Or Press Collect/End Game To Finish The Game 

There are 12 win lines and 11 levels on the multiplier ladder. This is because the last card to be marked off will always complete at least 2 Slingos. In the main game based on best strategy the RTP is 95.4%. In each additional deal, based on best strategy the RTP is 95.9%. Malfunction voids pays and plays 

Best strategy

The strategy for placing Jokers and Super Jokers is always in the position that will move you closest to completing a Slingo. Where multiple positions with the same criteria are available, the preference is given to the position included in the most Slingos. For example, you should always give the central square preference since it is included in a horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines. If multiple positions with the same criteria exist again, pick randomly between the best positions. 

The grid is ranomly populated by 25 cards from s standard deck. Each card appears only once in the grid. Standard cards can onlybe dealt once per 5 card hand butappear on all reels, special cards can be dealt multiple times. Cards do not need to land on the specific column in order to mark the grid, for example a J of Diamonds landing on reel 1 will mark a J of Diamonds anywhere on the grid. Completing a Slingo will move the player up the multiplier ladder, adding a multiplier to the poker win value on reaching 4 Slingos. All subsequent Slingos increase the potential win values for all the poker hands in the pay table. Jokers and Super Jokers count as wild in poker hands. Only the highest value poker hand achieved across all the deals in won. 

Pending Games

Every 48 hours, incomplete games are scanned in order to auto-complete them. So if a game is abandoned 48 hours after it has been launched, the following actions will be taken: 

Pending games that have been left incomplete will be played by an automated process, meaning that remaining spins will be played out. If the game reaches collect state, any winnings will be collected for you and credited to you. If a decision needs to be made on your behalf during the game, a random number generator will be used to make that choice. For example, if a Joker appears on a column, a cell from that column will be selected at random in order to mark off a number from the grid

Last modification date: 6/1/2018