Phone Tag


Phone Tag is a 15 line slot played on 5x3 grid.

Aim for 3 Gossip Bonus symbols to trigger the GOSSIP BONUS.

3 or more CALL Around The World symbols on any reel will trigger the CALL AROUND THE WORLD BONUS.

Payline wins pay left to right on consecutive reels starting with the leftmost reel.

Only the highest win paid on each payline.


3 Gossip Bonus symbols on reels 1,2 and 3 of played line initiates the Gossip Bonus.

Select one of twelve characters, the selected character makes a phone call to the next available character clockwise in the ring.   As the phone call is made a value, a multiplier form 2 to 5, or 2 to 4 “ free calls” are revealed.

The multiplier and “free calls” are only made once per bonus.

The bonus ends when the original character selected is called back.

The accumulated value is multiplied by any multiplier that may have appeared during a phone call and the total value is awarded.


3 or more Call Around the World symbols in any position on the reels initiates the CALL AROUND THE WORLD BONUS.

The Call Around The World symbols spin and new symbols appear in their place on the reels.

A phone symbol reveals a winning value and respins.

A No Answer symbol ends the replacement of symbols for that reel and has no value.

When all CALL Around The  World symbols have changed to a greyed out no call symbol the accumulated value shown on the individual win meters is awarded and the bonus ends.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. 


BALANCE: Displays current balance.

BET: Displays current bet amount.

WIN: Displays wins for current game round/spin.

SETTINGS: Access to Paytable, Rules, Sound and Deposit.

Note. Some options may not be available, or relocated, depending on territory.

PAYTABLE: Payouts, game features and game information.

RULES: More details on game features and functionality.

DEPOSIT:  Add funds to account ( available in cash mode).

SOUND: Toggle sound on/off using this button.

BET: Change current stake before pressing spin.

SPIN: Start game and place wager.  Current bet amount will be deducted from balance.

AUTOPLAY: Choose number of spins and press ‘START’ to place wagers automatically.

Remaining number of spins are always displayed.  Autoplay stops when remaining spins reaches zero or insufficient balance.

TURBO MODE: Speeds up most gameplay.

Last modification date: 6/12/2024