10x Minimum Extreme

10x Minimum Extreme Game Help

We're thrilled to unveil 10x Minimum Extreme slot game, with a digital-inspired twist that will immerse you in a whole new world of excitement! Prepare to enter a virtual world where extraordinary wins await you. Elevate your winning potential with the revolutionary Vortex Symbol and the Pick Me Feature! "You will fall in love with the chosen one." In our new 10x Minimum Extreme game, you'll feel just that — chosen and ready for extreme wins! 10x Minimum Extreme guarantees an unsurpassed gaming experience that will give players a taste of victory immersed in a completely new gaming universe.

General Information

During the game digit symbols from 0-9 and pip symbol are active. Two or three digit symbols must form a number from left to right on the connected win line. This number will multiply the set stake and the winnings will be awarded.

Two or more numbers are summed firstly and only then multiply the stake. If there is a pip symbol between two digit symbols, these symbols will not form a number on win line.

General Information Table

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines 3 lines for each individual digit symbol
Number of Reels and Rows 5x5
Return to Player 93.10%

Game Features

Pick Me Feature

Pick Me feature is triggered when question mark symbol lands on the reels.

Pop-up with 3 question marks appears.

There are digit symbols under question marks.

The revealed digit symbol replaces question mark on the reels.

Dim question mark contains 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 digit symbols.

Bright question mark contains 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 digit symbols.

If no selection is made, a random question mark will be selected after timeout.

Vortex Feature

Vortex feature is triggered when a Vortex symbol lands on the reels.

Vortex symbol fills full reel with the same digit symbols.

Vortex symbol fills the only reel where it lands.

Possible digit symbols that can appear from Vortex feature: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9.

Playing the Game


To play a round, configure your bet using the + / - buttons. 

Spin Options

Click the "Spin" button or press the Spacebar to spin.

The Spacebar disables/enables in the settings by the Spacebar to spin toggle.

To play rounds faster, the player can use the Turbo option. 

Turbo – the reels spin and stop faster with no extra animation. 

Turbo can be activated by holding the Spacebar or turning it on from the Burger Menu. 

Payouts Rules

10x Minimum Extreme operates with Connect Pays. Connect pays logic is that each individual symbol has 3 win lines: 1. Diagonal win line to the north-east. 2. Direct win line to the east. 3. Diagonal win line to the south-east. Two or three digit symbols must form a number from left to right on the connected win line. This number will multiply the set stake and the winnings will be awarded.

All awards pay on active win lines only.

The highest win only paid per active win line.

Maximum win is limited to $250,000.00.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. 

If a disconnection from the game or a malfunction of the game occurs and you restart the game, your balance is reset to the amount before the interruption occurred. 

Please be aware that each account allows only a single game to be played at any one time. Therefore, a game should not be played on more than one device, or multiple games on the same device simultaneously. Doing so may lead to various errors.

For the best gaming experience, use of the latest version of software is recommended.

Winnings on different lines are added up.


Enables playing the game automatically for a predetermined number of rounds at the currently selected stake. Autoplay menu is accessible through the “Auto” button. Select the number of Autoplay rounds in Total spins field.

Autoplay Limits

Loss limit - the Autoplay will stop when the total loss is reached the set amount. The Autoplay loss limit should be higher than your total stake.

Stop on win above - the Autoplay function will stop when the win amount of combined winnings is reached the set amount limit.

When the limit’s conditions are met, the Autoplay will stop and the relevant pop-up message will appear on the screen.

Last modification date: 5/15/2024