Shifting Hearts

Multiplier Wilds 

2X(up) and 2X(down) are multiplier wilds and substitute for all symbols.

When 1 or 2 multiplier wilds substitute in a 3-of-a-kind win, that win is multiplied by each multiplier present on the line.

Nudging Feature 

If 2X(up) appears in any of the following lower red positions , it will nudge up on its reel to the active payline. 

If 2X(down) appears in any of the following upper red positions , it will nudge down on its reel to the active payline.

Progressive Jackpot

It is not technically possible to have two simultaneous wins of the same Progressive Jackpot.

There is a separate Progressive Jackpot per bet multiplier. Contributions made to the Progressive Jackpot at a certain bet multiplier are added to the Progressive Jackpot that can only be achieved by making a bet at that same bet multiplier.

The following contributions are made to the Progressive Jackpot on each base game spin: .18% of the bet At a 1x bet multiplier, the start-up value for the Progressive Jackpot is: $50.00

The start-up values for the Progressive Jackpot at bet multipliers other than 1x are calculated by multiplying the bet multiplier by the start-up value at a 1x bet multiplier.

There is no upper limit on the Progressive Jackpot value.

User Interface

8 9‘+’ / ‘-’ buttons increase / decrease the bet value — the bet value is the total bet per game round.

3 Starts a game round at the current bet value.

Bet Definitions

  • Current Bet: The current bet is the value that appearabove8
  • Minimum Bet: The minimum bet is the lowest possible bet value, which is selected by pressing 9 until the bet value no longer decreases.
  • Bet Multi plier: The bet multi plier is defined as the current bet divided by the minimum bet.

Autoplay Options

Autoplay will allow game rounds to be played automatically.

Click on the Autoplay button and select the number of Autoplay game rounds.

Autoplay session — The number of Autoplay game rounds selected.

Loss Limit — set the maximum loss for the Autoplay session — if this value is met or exceeded, the Autoplay session will stop.

Single Win Limit — set a win limit for the Autoplay session — if this value is met or exceeded, the Autoplay session will stop.

Stop On A Progressive Jackpot (if enabled) — choose if the Autoplay session should stop / not stop if a Progressive Jackpot is won. This option will only be displayed on games offering Progressive


Bet — amend the Bet value, if required.

The Start Button will populate with the selected number of Autoplays when a permissible combination of settings has been selected.

Certain Autoplay settings are mandatory for some jurisdictions.

If you are disconnected while playing, Autoplay settings will have to be re-set when you re-load the game.

Additional Information

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 3/8/2023