Diamond Cash: Cops and Robbers

Diamond Cash™: Cops ‘n’ Robbers™ is played on 5 reels and 3 rows, with 20 lines always in play.

If you can find 6 or more Diamonds in one spin, you will enter the Diamond Cash™ Feature! If there are no Diamonds around, there are always Robbers nearby, which if you are lucky, will cover up the whole screen and grant you an immediate win of 1000 times your stake! This can happen on each spin.

Diamond Cash™ Feature

6 or more Diamonds in one spin trigger the Diamond Cash™ Feature. All Diamond symbols from the base game convert to Pink Diamonds and their values are translated into their bet multiplier values.

The Diamond Cash™ Feature starts with an explosion that creates 1 to 4 highlighted fields behind randomly selected Diamonds on the reels, the Multiplier is shown on the truck and a game board with feature fields and a robber character called Bert appears. The ”Start” button starts the roll of the Dice and depending on the field on which Bert lands, the corresponding feature will be triggered. The different fields are as follows: by Spin Fields, Jail Fields, Diamond Fields and Special Fields. The feature can end in 3 ways: either by entering the ID Parade and Bert is “Busted”, or when all 15 positions on the reels are filled with Diamond symbols and the Grand Jackpot is awarded, or if the Player wins the max possible win.

Trigger: 6 or more Diamond symbols

Spin Field Feature

Every time Bert lands on a Spin Field, the Diamond symbols placed on the reels before the Free Spin are held in position and all other positions turn into individually spinning reels with the possibility to receive new Diamond symbols.

Jail Field Feature: ID Parade

Every time Bert lands on a Jail Field, the ID Parade is triggered. During the ID Parade, the cone of light will move over 2 characters and Bert. If the light stops on one of the characters, the player returns to the Diamond Cash™ Feature and continues the feature. If the light stops on Bert, he is “Busted” and the Diamond Cash™ Feature ends.

Diamond Field Feature and Security Level

Every time Bert lands on a Diamond Field, the Diamond Multiplier is added to the multiplier value on the truck, all Diamond Multipliers on the game board are then doubled, and at the same time the Security Level will increase. As the Security Level increases, the chance that Bert will be “Busted” in the ID Parade increases, and also the chance of triggering an ID Parade while on a Diamond Field.

Special Field Feature

Every time Bert lands on a Special Field, a Golden Dice rolls instead of the red dice, and randomly selects and triggers one of the 3 features represented by the Add, Multiply or Collect symbols.

These features only affect the pink Diamonds with a highlighted field behind them on the reels.

Add Feature

If the Add Feature is randomly selected, the 1×1 reel will spin and its stop value will be added to the value of each Diamond with a highlighted field on the reels.

Multiply Feature

If the Multiply Feature is randomly selected, the 1×1 reel will spin and its stop value will multiply the value of each Diamond with a highlighted field on the reels.

Collect Feature

If the Collect Feature is randomly selected, values from Diamonds with highlighted fields are collected into one of the Diamonds without a highlighted field.

Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

Last modification date: 6/12/2024