Donkey Dash


DONKEY DASH™ is a number match race game.

Game play features include a chance to win an instant cash prize, a chance to multiply the 1st Place prize and a chance to win your stake if you finish in 2nd Place.

This game includes a TURBO option to increase the speed the balls are drawn.


Choose the Donkey you think will win on the Pick Your Donkey screen.

There are six Donkeys to choose from and each Donkey has its’ own colour, 1st Place prize multiplier and arrows required to win.

Select the plus or minus buttons to choose the PLAY AMOUNT from 0.10 to 30.00 (default play is 1).

With the current configuration of PLAY AMOUNT, you can win a total prize amount ranging from [MIN] to [MAX].


Balls will be drawn one-by-one from the hopper.

Each Donkey will move forward one arrow on the track, when one of their numbers is matched.

The game will continue until the 1st Place and 2nd Place Donkeys are revealed.

If your chosen Donkey finishes in 1st Place, you will win the 1st Place prize multiplier associated to your Donkey.

If your chosen Donkey finishes in 2nd Place, you will win your stake.


There are a total of six GOLD NUMBER BALLS.

Each Donkey will be assigned one GOLD NUMBER at the start of each race.

When a GOLD NUMBER BALL is drawn, the Donkey with that number will move forward two arrows on the track.


There are a total of three MULTIPLIER BALLS, each with a different multiplier value – 2X, 3X and 5X.

If a MULTIPLIER BALL is drawn, the 1st Place prize multiplier of your chosen Donkey will be multiplied by that amount.

The increased 1st Place prize multiplier can only be won if your chosen Donkey finishes in 1st Place.


There are a total of six INSTANT PRIZE BALLS, each with a different prize value – 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X the PLAY AMOUNT.

If an INSTANT PRIZE BALL is drawn, the prize will be added to the WIN panel on the screen.

Instant prizes can be won regardless of the position of your chosen Donkey.


Any winnings will be displayed at the end of game play in the WIN panel.

To play again, choose your Donkey and select the PLAY button.

To change the PLAY AMOUNT, select the plus or minus buttons.

Once the PLAY button has been selected, the stake will be deducted from the BALANCE and a new game will begin.


Any combination of wins in a single game is limited and will not exceed [MAX WIN]. It may not be possible to reach this limit in a single game from every PLAY AMOUNT configuration.

System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.

This game is a game of chance.

The outcome of a play in the game is pre-determined.

Actions or choices made by player do not affect the outcome of the game.

Last modification date: 3/9/2023